Weight Loss Is About Progress-Not Perfection

Let me be very clear. There is no "One Size Diet" that fits all. No Paleo diet, no Ketogenic diet, no Mediterranean diet, no South Beach diet, no Cabbage Soup diet. The only one that will work is discovering"Your Unique Nutrition for Life!" and, in order to be long term successful, it must be enjoyable for You.

Successful weight loss starts with a mindset. A mindset that has two important ideas to make weight loss a permenent change.

1) I'm going to make choices that nurture and heal my body.

2) I'm going to be creative with those healing choices to make them more enjoyable than unhealthy coices.

Sounds easy. For many it is not so easy and it is not for lack of trying. Unfortunately there is a lot of misguided information on the internet. Some of this misguided information even comes from trusted resources like the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The ADA Guidelines specifically state there is inconclusive evidence to recommend a specific carbohydrate limit. Translated this means "feel free to eat corbohydrates." Those guidelines go on to say, carbohydrate intake is the single biggest factor in blood sugar levels and the need for blood sugar lowering medications.

What is the end result? Those carbohydartes convert into glucose. The body does not want high levels of glucose so it send the glucose to the liver to be converted into triglycerides (fats). If the body does not use those triglycerides for energy what do you think it does with those fats? That is correct, it stores it as fat. No wonder most diabetics need to increase their medications over time as their condition progressivly worsens. They then continue down this conveyor belt of chronic diabetic disease with the likelyhood of developing the co-morbid conditions of kidney failure, loss of eyesite, loss of limb, and loss of quality of life. By the way, more than 50% of our population is pre-diabetic or diabetic and this crisis is continuing to worsen.

So, what can you do? Find a team of professionals that has a proven track record for success using a functional medicine approach designed uniquely for you. It needs to involve what I call " Real, Clean, and Tasty Mother Nature Type Food."

It's all about the Progress not the Perfection. As you become empowered with weight loss success and nutrition knowledge designed for you unique metabolism the successful steps begin to add up. Energy levels go up and the scales go down.

At Midwest Integrated Medical Center we can develop a unique weight loss program specifically for you. We can teach you how to make it enjoyable so it will be a permenant solution. Call 715-425-6651 to take advantage of our introductory offer.

Dr. Daryl Cooper Dr. Cooper received his doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He received postgraduate education from Functional Medicine University and the Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation. He has postgraduate education in Functional Endocrinology, Functional Brain-Based Neurology, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Nutrition, and Fitness. He is board certified in Peripheral Neuropathy through the American College of Physical Medicine.

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