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Neuropathy Review from Karen C.

I read about Dr. Cooper and Midwest Integrated Medical Center through an ad on Facebook. I have had neuropathy in my feet and legs for several years, and research tells me that it only continues to worsen. My feet ached, burned, they felt like pins and needles were poking them, and I couldn’t stand or walk for any long-distance like I had done when I was younger. I had been to a doctor and a neurologist in the past 2 years and each of them confirmed that I had neuropathy. All they offered were pain pills to control pain. No thanks! Dr. Cooper offered a three-month starter plan consisting of proper nutrition, exercises, low-level light therapy to open blood vessels in the legs, and electrotherapeutic stimulation to assist in growth and awakening of the nerves in my feet. I had an in-office physical therapy session, once per week, for three months. Dr. Cooper and his assistants listened to what I said. They were very knowledgeable in their advice and were kind, helpful, and patient! My journey is not over, but it has come a long way. I would say I am 75-80% better than I was when I first walked through the door. I now have the tools to continually progress, and Dr. Cooper and his assistants are available and open to any questions I have for life. I thoroughly recommend Midwest Integrated Medical Center for anyone’s neuropathy issues.


Stacy H.

I initially went to see Dr Cooper and staff because of gastrointestinal issues I had been dealing with for several years. I had no expectations in terms of weight loss or my overall health. I was strictly looking to improve my symptoms a little bit. I’ll be honest, the first 10 days of the program were very difficult for me. I felt terrible and unsatisfied with what I was eating. On day 11, a switch was flipped and I felt great. During this program I have learned what my body likes and doesn’t like. Certain foods, things I have eaten all my life, cause a recurrence of my stomach symptoms. Knowing that makes avoiding these foods less bothersome. My night sweats are gone, sweet cravings are gone, and my joint pain is resolved. These improvements are bonuses, I never expected change in these areas. I am completely satisfied with what I am eating. I don’t feel deprived. My relationship with food is now healthy. I have lost nearly 30 pounds and have found this lifestyle very manageable in terms of maintenance. I will never go back to my old habits! I have willpower now that I never used to have. If I can do this, any one can do this. You will not be disappointed. It’s never too late to make an investment in yourself and your health. Dr Cooper and his amazing staff are a 100% recommend!


Barbara T.

Dr. Daryl Cooper Testimonial “Expert” advice and information is readily, instantly available through myriad resources today. Determining what is true, verified, applicable to your own situation and reasonable in terms of costs, consequences and outcomes, is not so easy. Several of my friends had recently been diagnosed with severe illnesses and I realized how fortunate I was to be healthy. I didn’t have any serious health issues – that I was aware of – but wanted to be pro-active and learn what my body needed in order to give me the best quality of life and independence, for as long as possible. I found Dr. Daryl Cooper and Midwest Integrated Medical Services through the recommendations of friends who are connected to the “alternative” side of healthcare – as opposed to what I would call the the “drug it, cut it, replace it” practitioners. I wanted to be informed and become more healthy through an awareness of what my body needed, by someone who was very knowledgeable, experienced and cared enough to spend the time analyzing, quantifying, listening and developing a protocol for my overall well-being. From the first consultation with Dr. Cooper, I realized that there was so much to learn, apply and benefit through. His manner is very comfortable, engaging, and interactive. He asks questions, listens, reflects, researches, shares information and gives suggestions. His approach to self-care is collaborative. I feel that we are a team, that also includes his assistant, David. While very professional, their approach is also very personal. We patients cannot be passive, waiting for improved results. We play a critical role our body’s healing process and must be willing to “do the work”. This is so much easier when given the encouragement of a healthcare team that truly cares! Through Dr. Cooper’s expert experience and wisdom, health issues I did not know I had were diagnosed and are being addressed. The protocol is sessions with Dr. Cooper, supplements, exercise, mindful walking, posture and breathing – drinking water! I have learned so much and continue to listen, learn, ask questions and apply the information. I am a senior citizen who now has a much better chance of living a longer, healthy life – thanks to Dr. Cooper and Midwest Integrated Medicine. I am very grateful and would encourage anyone who wants to enjoy a better quality of life to contact them.


Jean A.

We met Dr Cooper through the Facebook ad and went to an in office meeting mainly about neuropathy . We were interested during that meeting and agreed to come back for the individual consultations ( my husband and myself) My husband liked what he heard and decided that this program was worth a try for weight loss. We are only half way through the 3 month program and are slowly losing weight but feeling very energetic and satisfied with our weekly meetings. Each time we learn more about healthy eating and diabetic support. Dr Cooper spends a good deal of time with us each week and gives excellent information during those sessions. His nutrition assistant supports the healthy eating part of the program very well. Each week we learn more and feel supported. This is the first time we have sought this kind of diabetic and healthy eating program and are very satisfied so far with our decision.


Jim K.

Very knowledgeable and professional.


Liz J.

Dr. Cooper and David were very focused on making sure they helped me meet my goals and found my 'diet for life'. Along the way, they were able to help relieve me of secondary problems I had been having for years though nutritional supplements, specific vitamins and adjusting my gut health through a more healthy diet, specifically tailored for me. Having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis makes it very difficult for me to lose weight and this program helped to start taking the pounds off thanks to their knowledge and experience!


John L.

Excellent care. Friendly office manager. Knowledgeable Dr. who constantly continues his education!


Kris S.

This program was an ease to follow and really made a difference for eliminating my chronic stomach discomfort!


J. F.

Dr. Cooper and his staff helped me to get my autoimmune disease under control. I also recovered from anxiety and lost 40 pounds! I’m very happy with my experience


Cathe A.

Dr Cooper is very patient and really explains everything well.


Candice N.

WONDERFUL! Totally happy! love you guys!


Betty O.

David is very helpful and answers all my questions.


Jeremiah B.

Dr. Cooper...... I truly can’t thank you enough for making and taking time to see my friend Jeremiah last Friday. He called me in tears and just a few days later he was a different person when he left your office. I KNEW after not getting any answers from so many other people that you, being the best doctor I know, would find a way to see him and treat him. He and I both wish he lived here just so he could doctor with you full time. You got him on the right track! David, you do such an amazing job running the office. I always know that you will always do you best to make things happen. Your follow up and follow through are unmatched when it comes to customer service. It does not go unnoticed! Jeremiah and I have told numerous people already in Hudson and Stillwater about his and my experience with you. You were the topic of conversation all weekend! Again, thank you.......


Sarah L.

At first I was extremely skeptical because diets never worked for me long-term. But I quickly learned that this isn’t a fad diet. I went in depressed, overweight, and with terrible diet and exercise habits. I had terrible hormone unbalance, and severe lady issue sysmptoms, as well as low self-esteem. None of my good clothes fit anymore, my depression and mood swings made it hard to deal with myself (mentally), and I was constantly eating unhealthy foods that hurt my gut and weakened my liver. Now I’ve been losing weight at an average of 1-2 lbs per week, a healthy rate that won’t result in me gaining all the weight back immediately. My hormones are better balanced thanks to eating better foods and taking a personalized amount of supplements. I know there’s been an improvement for sure because of blood testing ( along with my overall improvement in nearly all aspects of my life as a result of good change). My eating habits are far healthier, and I’ve found a permanent dietary solution on top of a losing weight solution. A lifestyle change that works for me, be it to lose or maintain weight. Like I said, it’s not a fad diet. It’s a whole-body health program with nice, professional staff that coach you and help you help yourself be a healthier and happier person. From going over weekly dietary habits to teaching proper exercise techniques to identifying and caring for health concerns; everyone at Midwest Integrated Medical Center is there to help!


Matt O.

My name is Matt O. I had been having pain in my right knee for about 2-3 years before coming to Midwest Integrated Medical Center. An MRI confirmed I had torn cartilage under the knee cap. I had sharp pains in my knee when doing simple tasks like walking up and down stairs. I was not able to keep up on my cardio to keep my body in shape. My knee would swell after running and bicycling. The pain had a negative impact on my professional life because I was required to meet certain physical fitness standards and I was unable to meet those standards because of my knee pain. My primary care physician had referred me to an orthopedic specialist for a consultation. The orthopedic specialist recommended an invasive scoping procedure to remove bits of torn cartilage from my knee and to smooth the area where the cartilage was torn. They told me my recovery time would take 3-4 months, which was time I could not afford to take off work. I had been researching stem cell injections prior to my visit with the orthopedic specialist. Following my orthopedic specialist consultation, I met with Midwest Integrated Medical Center. They thoroughly explained the procedure and how everything works. I was told I would not need take any time off work following the injection. Following the procedure, I felt little to no pain from the injection. At my first rehabilitation session, I was unable to flex my heel to my butt without pain. About 2-3 weeks after the injection, I began noticing a improvement in the amount of pain in my knee. I started making progress with the amount of flexibility in my knee without experiencing any pain. When I completed my rehabilitation sessions, and even still now, I can completely flex my knee and do walking lunges without little to no pain. I am gradually increasing my levels of physical fitness along with the stretching and strengthening exercises that I learned and am happy to report I feel little to no pain. The program was not difficult at all. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone with similar issues. At the very least, go for the consultation to see if you would make a good candidate.


James E.

I am so satisfied with not only the results from the stem cell treatment, but the Dr.'s that run the clinic. They are so kind and helpful. I went in with major pain in my shoulder. I had cancelled an appointment to have a cortisone shot. I'm so glad I did. I felt relief that day and I was pain fee in a couple days. Saving my pennies so I can get more therapy for my knees.


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