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Regenerative Medicine


* Results vary from person to person. 







When I first came to this clinic I was a rather sick individual with an autoimmune disease. I had been diagnosed with Sjogren's disease, giving me dry eyes and mouth causing salivary gland infections and overall body aches. Fatigue was putting me on the couch way too often. My overall health was going downhill. The first step at this clinic was to find the root causes of my autoimmune condition. After that, there was a structured program of nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, hormone detoxification, and brain-based balancing. I am back to living life again. After this structured approach, I'm off the couch, I can do my work, my head is clear, and I look foward to doing things. This clinic changed my life, it saved my life. Fortunately for me, I found this place when I did. It's hard to say what kind of shape I'd be in if I hadn't found this kind of help when I did. Other clinics told me I have an autoimmue condition and there is nothing to do but treat symptoms. How terribly inaccurate and wrong that was. Autoimmue is a forever thing, but when the root cause is found and addressed, quality of life can be much improved.

- Bill 

- Tom B.


Fatigue/Low Energy


Fearful of what memory loss meant. Knew a lot about health but still needed help. The elimination diet was the impetus for cognitive gains. Structured brain-based physical exercises improved overall health. Naturopathic dentist in St. Paul, Minnesota”

- Dr. Karl




Pericarditis & multiple hospitalizations. Couldn't Function in a Day. Reversed 2 years of auto-immune. Quality of Life greatly improved”

- Nancy




High blood pressure normalized Improved digestion and eliminated belching. Improved diet increased energy and reduced joint pain. Became "medically boring" to her general doctor. Really living life in retirement”

- Karen L.  


Medical Weight Loss


Eliminated junk foods and fast foods. Lost 70 pounds and still losing. Gained better self-awareness related to health. Feels great with lots of energy for trips

- Diane

- Gina

- David


Functional Medicine


30-year Chronic Cough GONE! Back to High School Weight! Off all medications. Lowered Blood Pressure. Balanced Blood Sugars”

- Lynette

* Results vary from person to person. 


Lynn was a functional medicine patient.

- Lynn

* Results vary from person to person. 


Sally was a functional medicine patient.


* Results vary from person to person. 


Digestive Problems




* Results vary from person to person. 



-Mark Wagner

* Results vary from person to person. 

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