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 Feeling tired all the time makes it hard to do the things you love — or even the things you need to do at home or work. To get your energy back, the team at AVM Wellness  in Hudson, Wisconsin, offers personalized treatment utilizing functional medicine. AVM Wellness' team takes a comprehensive approach to identify the root cause of your fatigue and develops a strategy to help you feel awake and alert again. Schedule a consultation today by phone or online to learn how functional medicine can give you your energy back.

Fatigue/Low Energy Q & A

What causes fatigue and low energy?

Fatigue and low energy are common complaints heard by medical providers, but the specific causes often aren’t explained by traditional lab testing. At AVM Wellness, our team uses functional lab work to determine the root cause of your fatigue and develop a plan to fix it. Common causes of low energy and fatigue include:

  • Food sensitivities to grains, dairy, and eggs
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Infections
  • Environmental toxins
  • Poor nutrition
  • Blood sugar problems

All of these issues put unnecessary strain on your body’s systems and require more energy to stay awake, digest your food, and go about your daily activities.

How can I improve my energy levels?

It is difficult to rebuild your energy reserves through rest and relaxation alone.  Your mitochondria — the “powerhouses” of your cells — are responsible for energy production. Mitochondria that don’t function well produce less energy for your body, which results in a slowing down of all your cells and bodily functions.

To improve your energy, our team begins with functional lab work to identify things that sap your energy and provide a roadmap to recovery.

How does functional medicine help fatigue and low energy?

TheAVM Wellness team uses functional medicine to create a personalized five-pillar approach to improve your energy levels. This approach includes:

Safe and healthful detoxification

Your liver and kidneys are responsible for processing waste from your body. If these organs aren’t functioning optimally, you may experience digestive issues, constipation, and diarrhea.

Finding your ideal nutrition

Your nutritional needs are unique to you, your lifestyle, and your health. You may need to remove foods from your diet that decrease your energy or add certain foods to boost your energy.AVM Wellness also addresses the role of caffeine and sugar that spike your energy levels before you crash.

Fitness that doesn’t hurt that you really enjoy

Finding physical activities that you enjoy can be difficult. Our team helps you understand which activities are safe for you and boost your energy, rather than leaving you exhausted.

Making your hormones work for you and not against you

Hormonal imbalances can cause a roller coaster of peaks and valleys in your energy. Supporting healthy hormone function can stabilize your energy levels and help you feel better.

Optimize brain and nervous system health

A healthy brain and nervous system mean more energy for focus and physical function. TheAVM Wellness staff provide strategies to support your brain and nervous system so you can think clearly without losing focus.

Call or schedule a visit online atAVM Wellness to learn more about how to get your energy back.


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