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Don’t let knee pain limit your life! Before you have invasive surgery come and visit our team at Midwest Integrated Medical Center. The pain management specialists at Midwest Integrated Medical Center offer non-surgical solutions for chronic knee pain to relieve your discomfort and improve knee health. To schedule an appointment with the pain specialists, call the office in Hudson, Wisconsin, or click the online booking button. 

Knee Pain Q & A

“Knee pain is a condition that responds best when treatment is provided to all damaged areas” - Dr. Daryl Cooper DC, BCPN, FASBE


No Medications, No Surgery, No Knee Replacement, No Down Time

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What symptoms does knee pain cause?

Knee pain symptoms can vary in type and severity. Some of the symptoms that benefit from an evaluation at Midwest Integrated Medical Center include:

  • Sore joints after inactivity or overuse
  • Pain while bending your knee
  • Knee stiffness in the morning or after resting
  • Pain when getting up from a chair or using stairs
  • Joint pain during or after exercise
  • Grinding, grating, or catching when you flex your knee
  • Evening knee pain after your typical day of normal activity
  • Deterioration of coordination due to stiffness and pain
  • Weakened muscles in your legs
  • Chronic pain

The health care team at Midwest Integrated Medical Center works together to develop a Revolutionary Treatment Plan that helps you get relief from these symptoms so you can avoid surgery or long-term use of pain medication. 


Our extensive training, unique approach, and highly specialized therapies give our patients a huge advantage in regaining their active and normal lives.


Advanced Knee Rehabilitation

The pain management experts at Midwest Integrated Medical Center specialize in the treatment of chronic knee pain and offer an innovative non-surgical knee pain relief program that can alleviate your discomfort and improve joint function and health. Critical components of the continued success of our Premium Knee Pain Program and our Multi-Step System is to ensure that the knee is stabilized, strengthened and receiving specific nutrients for tissue regeneration.




We work with you to create a personalized program of rehabilitation with the use of our cutting-edge treatment therapies and equipment. This program and steps of rehabilitation contribute to your success now and continued relief over time.  This is true for minor pain and the most debilitating pain, even more so when other attempts and treatments have not helped. 

We have found that many times, patients experience EXTREME relief, after just a few office visits with us. We have had many patients share their success, and show us in office, how their condition has improved, swelling and pain has reduced, and they are gaining their life experiences back because of this groundbreaking treatment.



What are the available knee pain treatments within our Premium Knee Pain Program?

Patients suffering from knee pain have choices at Midwest Integrated Medical Center. With a variety of traditional and cutting-edge knee pain solutions to choose from, the team can incorporate one or more to provide pain relief. Options include:

  • Knee joint traction and decompression to increase movement and nutrition in the joint.
  • Home infrared light therapy that stimulates new tissue and blood vessels to form.
  • Home electro-therapy for joint, nerve, and muscle health.
  • Nutrition therapy to reduce inflammation and improve tissue repair.
  • Myofascial release therapy
  • Regenerative medicine using mesenchymal stem cells.
  • Supplements and nutraceuticals
  • In office and at home functional rehabilitative education.
  • Weight loss program
  • Midwest Integrated Medical Center also offers a revolutionary non-surgical knee pain program that can help you avoid surgery and regain a full life.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual