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Many patients who suffer from neuropathy, or damage to the peripheral nerves, are often told that the damage is permanent. But the expert team at Midwest Integrated Medical Center, with offices in Hudson, Wisconsin, utilizes an advanced medical device that improves blood flow to your damaged nerve that may promote healing and reverse your neuropathy. To learn more about the innovative treatment for neuropathy, call the office or click the online booking button today.

Neuropathy Q&A

What is neuropathy? 

Neuropathy is a general medical term used to describe damage to your peripheral nerves, which are the nerves that relay information to your spinal cord and brain from the rest of your body. These nerves are responsible for sensory (pressure, heat, and cold) and motor function (muscle movement and control), as well as control over autonomic functions (digestion). 

The symptoms you experience with neuropathy depend on the type of damaged nerve, and may include:


  • Pain, tingling, or burning
  • Poor muscle control
  • Muscle wasting
  • Constipation

You can develop neuropathy from a range of causes, including an injury, medical treatment, or medications. However, diabetes is one of the most common causes of neuropathy. 

How is neuropathy treated?

Traditional medical treatment for neuropathy focuses on managing the underlying cause to prevent further nerve damage, along with medication or surgery aimed at reducing symptoms. These treatments won’t cure your neuropathy, which can leave you feeling frustrated, especially if your neuropathy symptoms are affecting your quality of life.

Midwest Integrated Medical Center may have a solution for your neuropathy. The functional medicine practice uses an advanced medical device that increases blood flow to the nerves in your feet and hands, which accelerates the natural healing process to rejuvenate your damaged nerves and reverse your neuropathy. With their innovative treatment, you may experience less pain and swelling, better sleep, and improved balance and walking. 

The main goals of treatment include:

  • Optimizing your body’s natural healing environment
  • Increasing blood flow to the nerves
  • Stimulating the damaged nerves to repair
  • Decreasing pain signals from your brain

The advanced medical device is equipped to improve blood flow to the nerves and support nerve regeneration. State-of-the-art digital electro therapeutic stimulation (nerve reeducation and repair) to get the desired results.

Positive Treatment Results Include:

  • Improved balance and stability
  • Improved pain-free sleeping
  • Reduced swelling
  • Increased blood flow to legs and feet
  • Improved walking and exercise

Am I a good candidate for nerve healing?

Your doctor at Midwest Integrated Medical Center determines if you’re a good candidate for neuropathy treatment during an evaluation. There are four factors your doctor looks at to determine if you would benefit from the innovative treatment:

  • Cause of your nerve damage
  • The severity of your nerve damage
  • Types of nerves damaged
  • Number of treatments you need to heal

The number of treatments necessary to get the results is individualized based on your personal needs.

To learn more about the advanced neuropathy treatment and how it may benefit you, call Midwest Integrated Medical Center or book a consultation online today.